SafetyKit Small Balloon

520,30 incl. VAT (430,00 excl. VAT)

Discover our SafetyKit for balloon crews.

  • You take professional safety precautions and make a great impression on customers.
  • You have an extensive kit for first aid  in case of fire and accidents.
  • A well organized kit, that is mobile, easy to place and easy to store.
  • You are always prepared and meet the strict requirements of future security advisers and control services.



  • Fire blanket 1.6mx1.8m
  • 1kg ABC Fire extinguisher powder
  • 100ml NaCl Eye wash
  • Dermaplast Ice Spray
  • 500ml Anios disinfectant hand gel
  • Papier roll
  • 80x Cleaning wipes (dirt, oil, grease)
  • Disinfectant surface spray 500ml
  • Extensive first aid kit (1-5 persons):
    • Finger plasters
    • Triangular bandage
    • Various compression bandages
    • Rescue blanket
    • Disinfectant spray
    • Bandage scissors
    • Respiratory mask
    • Wound plasters
    • Burn plasters
    • Tweezers
    • Crepe (inelastic) bandage
    • Gloves
    • Sterile gauze compresses


  • Solid design
  • Fast and efficient to use
  • Easy to move
  • Universal storage compartment

Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 47,2 × 23,2 × 33,7 cm


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